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Terms of Use

Doctor Brownshoes LLC ('Doctor Brownshoes') is a Physician Housing Network, NOT a bank or mortgage lender. We will refer you to a lender who offers special mortgage loans for Physicians. This product may or may not be the best product for your situation, it is imperative that you discuss all options with your lender and select the one that is best for you. Doctor Brownshoes does not engage in any loan related activities such as application, processing or underwriting. These activities are 100% completed by your lender. Doctor Brownshoes has NO influence on your loan approval process nor your interest rate. You are subject to specific lending guidelines and credit standards established by your lender. Terms may vary based on the lenders sole discretion. In accordance with RESPA rules and practices we do NOT obtain any type of referral fee from our lending partners. We do receive referral fees from our network of realtors and generate revenue through other various marketing partnerships. You have no obligation to utilize any Doctor Brownshoes real estate or lending partner at any time. You are under no obligation to utilize any specific financing products at any time. In Compliance with RESPA rules and practices, we are not paid by the lender, but receive our fee from our network of Realtors and other marketing partnerships. Approval for your physician mortgage is subject to your credit and is determined by the lender we'll refer you to, not Doctor Brownshoes. The rates and terms of this loan are determined by the lenders we refer you to, not Doctor Brownshoes. Our clients are in no way obligated to use the lender we refer them to.