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SOAP Notes

In medicine the SOAP note is a standard method used to evaluate the current status of a patient as well as to establish a foundation from which a course of treatment can be devised. At Doctor Brownshoes, we have our own version of the SOAP note to help you understand common situations we encounter and how our lending partners assist. We also understand that oftentimes it is the physician's spouse or significant other doing much of the research, so here is how the SOAP Note is created:

S - Subjective Component - How would the client characterize their own situation?

O - Objective Component - What facts so we know about the client?

A - Assessment - What loans are best for this particular doctor?

P - Plan - What can our partner do to assist the client?

Doctor Brownshoes Physician Loans
Arlington, VA

I have been a practicing anesthesiologist since September of 2007. I am really tired of renting. My husband and and I already have one child and we have another on the way in the fall. We have been able to save quite a bit since I started working as I only have my medical school debt and minimal credit cards. I have perfect credit but I don't know anything about buying a house. I make an annual salary of $400,000 and I want to know what I can afford. I want to put down as little as possible, but I also want the lowest interest rate possible. I don't even know what my options are. Doctor Brownshoes, can you help me find a lender that I can trust and who is knowledgeable enough to provide me with all of my choices so we can make the best decision possible? I also work strange hours. Do you have a partner that I can reach when I need to?

Doctor Brownshoes Doctor Housing Network
Doctor Brownshoes
S: A physician with a growing family is ready to make the leap into the housing market. She is an A+ borrower, but needs some extra personal service with a lender very familiar with the doctor market. Our lending partner discovered that Parker's top priority was to put as little down as possible despite her ability to put 20% down if needed.

0: When our lending partner spoke to Parker they found out that they are looking to purchase a home in the $850,000 range. Parker has minimal debt and some savings. She also has a solid monthly income. Parker maintains perfect credit. She will have several options.

A: With Parker's strong credit and income she should weigh the advantages of both a doctor loan and traditional financing.

P: Even though the doctor mortgage may have a higher interest rate then she would get if she put 20% down, she gets to keep her money rather than place it in her home. Parker decided to move forward with the doctor mortgage and is excited to work her new lending partner. It is important to realize that as of June 1, 2014, these case studies are applicable to not just doctors but professionals regardless of their field.


Doctor Brownshoes Physician Loans
Chicago, IL
I have been working in the ER since I finished residency in 2010. We bought our house in 2008 with a Doctor Mortgage and have a very high interest rate compared to what is currently available. I know the market has declined in our area but judging from real estate sales down the street it does seem that prices are moving up. I have also been saving quite a bit of cash over the last year and could pay my principal down if it will help. I don't make an 'annual salary' as I do hourly work. Some lenders told me that this could prevent me from refinancing my house. My biggest issue is time! I generally can't meet with anyone during normal business hours and I can't find someone willing to take the time to answer my questions in detail. Doctor Brownshoes, can you help me match with a loan officer who works regularly with doctors and can make arrangements to meet with me during my free time?

Doctor Brownshoes Doctor Housing Network
Doctor Brownshoes
S: Rex really needs to refinance to lower their monthly payment. He needs a lender that not only understands physicians, but is also available to him at non traditional hours.

0: Rex really wants to be able to speak with a lender in great detail about the complexity of his situation. Not only will Rex need to bring money to the table to get his house refinanced, he will also need a lender who understands his income stream and can properly structure his file to get it through underwriting.

A: Our lending partner reached out to Rex at the most convenient time for him, a Sunday morning. After a lengthy discussion Rex told him that he has saved enough to pay down his loan balance to the amount required by the new appraisal. The lender needed to understand more about Rex's income stream and hours in the ER.

P: Once the lender understood Rex's hours and standard income stream, they were able to structure his loan properly. The lender also helped Rex get a realistic expectation as to what his home was likely to appraise for. Rex is looking forward to finalizing his refinance once he knows for certain his appraisal value. Most importantly, Rex is very comfortable to have a experienced lending partner he can contact on his own schedule rather than traditional banking hours. It is important to realize that as of June 1, 2014, these case studies are applicable to not just doctors but professionals regardless of their field.