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Doctor Brownshoes is your resource to match your specific housing needs and service expectations with the top realtors and lenders in the business. We started out in 2011 working exclusively with physician clientele to provide the level of professionalism that you are accustomed to in your career, but rarely find in the housing industry. We are the only doctor-owned physician housing network on the internet today! Now we work with ALL professionals, not just doctors. You will find this reflected in our level of service and the quality of our real estate and lending partners, all of whom have extensive experience working with physicians on all levels. For example, we will match you with a Doctor Brownshoes approved loan officer who has extensive experience in the physician community and specializes in. mortgage products tailored to affluent clients. We can also match you with realtors in your area who also maintain a level of service comparable with the expectations of our physician clientele. Just as the best physicians often recognize the importance of continuity of care, our partners covet long term relationships and have a vested interest in your level of satisfaction long after your transaction is complete.

We understand the lifelong commitment and attention to detail that you maintained to achieve success in your professional life, and Doctor Brownshoes wants to provide you with the same level of service in your real estate affairs. We will match you with the right national lender for your specific situation and circumstances. Best of all, we offer our services to you COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE. This is the most challenging time to purchase real estate in decades. You need the team with the proven experience and expertise working with physicians to make your loan experience seamless, smooth, and professional. Whether you simply use a Doctor Brownshoes approved lender, or choose to have us manage your entire transaction, we will deliver the premier experience every time!