Now available to ALL professionals NOT just Doctors
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Our Company

Our Mission Statement

We have devised a business model specifically for you! In 2011 we began by working only with Physicians. We knew that doctors expect a certain level of service, commitment, and integrity in their professional careers and we want to give you that same level of service in your real estate and lending transactions. As of June 1, 2014, we have expanded our service to provide successful professionals in any field access to these services. This white glove service will be available anywhere in the United States and provided as a FREE service for our clients. We seek both clients and partners who value long term relationships, trust, and reliability.

Doctor Owned and Operated

Hi! I am Doctor Brownshoes. I am actually a practicing physician in a group practice, so please pardon my anonymity but I thought it was best that this service not be integrated with my daily practice. I created Doctor Brownshoes, LLC after I personally experienced the implosion of my home purchase due to poor service and communication from my supposed partners in the transaction, my lender and realtor. I also have heard similar horror stories, with frightening regularity, from fellow physicians during my residency and now as an attending physician. Now I am very excited that we have been so successful that we can expand these services to successful professionals in any field.

The idea of Doctor Brownshoes, LLC struck me one afternoon in the office, as I referred one of my patients to a well renowned orthopedic surgeon. Physicians have always had a very strong referral network for patients. For example, the best allergists, neurologists, and endocrinologists are the ones who get the referrals because, well, they are the best! As physicians, we strive to create long term and meaningful relationships with both our patients and colleagues. We have worked very hard to attain our positions and we must maintain a strong commitment to our patients. Why can't buying a home offer a similar experience? We deserve honesty and integrity when it comes to the biggest purchases of our lives, don't we? Wouldn't it be nice to work with people who understand our time constraints and stresses? I decided to research top realtors and lenders in the area looking for the right combination of service, expertise, and level of commitment. The results were very surprising! Even among the better realtors and lenders, there was a large gap between the levels of service a physician expected and what was provided. Many realtors and lenders alike cared much more about one single transaction, rather than developing any type of longer term relationship. It was a challenge to find partners with the particular skill set and long term vision that is compatible with busy physicians.

The challenge was met when I partnered with two well-experienced real estate professionals. Doctor Brownshoes, LLC was established as a networking tool to match physicians with the right lender and the right realtor anywhere in the United States. Now we have removed the doctor specific focus and we are excited to assist professionals from all fields. We searched long and hard to make the right connections and established a strenuous vetting and client feedback system to isolate the right partners. Our business is built upon developing strong relationships with our clients and having our partners maintain a long term outlook. We demand that our partners have a vested interest in your satisfaction in the months and years following your transaction. Doctor Brownshoes, LLC maintains very strict standards for our partners in terms of both production and commitment to our clients. We make a point to survey our clients, to ensure the results and level of service we expect are met. The best part of Doctor Brownshoes, LLC is that our service is always FREE to our clients! As long as we can connect you, our client, with the best housing professionals, Doctor Brownshoes, LLC will flourish and continue to have an ever-growing client list -- at NO COST.

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