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List of Services
Doctor Brownshoes Physician Housing Network Loan OfficerLoan Officer
Experience lending as it should be. It's our business to deepen the relationship between the lender and our client. More than any other facet, the loan officer will make or break your housing experience. Find a good one, and your process can be as easy as falling asleep after your overnight call is over. Find a bad . . . READ MORE
Doctor Brownshoes Physician Housing Network Mortgage 911Mortgage 911
Are you currently in the midst of a loan nightmare? Waiting days for your loan officer to return your call? Maybe we can help! If you are currently in the midst of a lending nightmare, or sense that one may be just on the horizon, please let us know your specific situation and let us help. Many loan officers will . . . READ MORE
Doctor Brownshoes Physician Housing Network Top RealtorsTop Realtors
Match with the premier realtors in your area. Know that you are with the realtor that the most successful professionals choose. If you are in the market to purchase a home, Doctor Brownshoes has established a nationwide network of top real estate agents to assist you with your home purchase. You can rest easy knowing . . . READ MORE
Doctor Brownshoes Physician Housing Network Concierge ServiceConcierge Service
We believe that personal service is the foundation of our success. Let us impress you. As a successful professional, you obviously maintain an extremely demanding schedule. As a physician owned business, Doctor Brownshoes wants to make the home buying or refinancing process as smooth and stress-free as possible. . . . READ MORE
Doctor Brownshoes Physician Housing Network Doctor Brownshoes Approved VendorsDoctor Brownshoes Approved Vendors
Enjoy the fruits of your labor at discounts you've earned. At Doctor Brownshoes, we know first hand the hard work and lifelong dedication required to reach your goals in the medical field. We also understand what a valuable demographic physicians are to elite retailers and vendors. We have identified the products . . . READ MORE